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Running during lockdown

When lockdown was announced here in the UK, one particular part of our lives suddenly became that much more important.


In the first few weeks just stepping outside you could see how many more people were out running - cross fitters, swimmers, body builders, squash players, everyone was at it. And as time passed, the numbers have stayed high. Not only are some people finding running for the first time, for others this period of time has transformed their relationship with running. My colleague at My Race Kit North (come and buy kit from us!) told me that he's been enjoying running purely for its own sake, and it hasn't been like that before for him.

That's what RunMindful is all about!

I've started working with new clients since lockdown and they have all found the structure of a plan to be incredibly helpful in this time of great uncertainty.

Whether you're thinking of starting running, or started running during lockdown and want to take it further, or you've been running for years and need a psychological refresh, RunMindful is here for you.

Contact about your bespoke plan.


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