While I'm growing in confidence with my running, I lack it with my motivation and planning sometimes, which is why I approached Lucy about a training plan for my first marathon in April.

While I'd been apprehensive about being told to do more training than I could handle, Lucy worked with me to create a plan that worked for me and adapted it over time based on my feedback and progress.

Thanks to this, I was able not only to finish the marathon injury-free, but get a time I was really chuffed with!

Dom, London

Before Lucy became my running coach, I was clueless. I had no structure or plan and ran with reckless abandon whenever I ran. I would regularly find myself injured.

Since Lucy became my coach, I have run a Marathon and demolished all my Personal Bests across all other distances along the way. All without hurting myself once *Touches wood*.

But more significantly than helping me run faster in races; Lucy's positive mindful approach has made me appreciate running less as a masochistic pursuit and more as a way to help feel happy within myself.

Lucy provided me with a 20-Week Marathon Training Plan that was dealt out in manageable bite-sized chunks. With each new week tailored and tweaked in relation to the continuing feedback and dialogue between us.

Lucy's coaching has been encouraging, but challenging. She has been incredibly supportive and optimistic in times of disappointment. And always persistent in finding new methods and techniques to help me get better.

Training for a marathon is a long and arduous journey. I'm grateful I had a coach as good as Lucy to help me get through it.

Tom, London

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